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Drone Services

Bird Media provides professional aerial imagery from a bird's eye view. We provide a true start to finish solution including flight planning, aerial imagery, and advanced processing and editing enabling our clients to get the most value out of their investment. Please see below for our standard package offerings, or we can work together to find a custom solution that meets your specific project needs. 

Whether you require unique cinematic footage for digital content or aerial imagery and video documentation for infrastructure or utilities, we have just the right drone team to meet your needs. We offer a full suite of aerial photography, videography, imaging as well as full-service video production, editing, post-processing and supporting services. 

All of our real estate aerial photography packages include up to one hour of flight time on site. The flight will occur as soon as possible, dependent on the weather and your preference for faster turnaround time or clear skies.  


Operational Drone Highlights

Drones have several key advantages over manned flight in certain applications. They are considerably cheaper and are able to fly at a significantly lower altitude in more confined quarters. Drones are far more sustainable, efficient, and cost effective than traditional methods. Lastly, and most important, they are superior in safety and risk mitigation because they are not affected by human pilot fatigue nor do they put pilots at risk. Considering these benefits, along with the multitude of industries and platforms to which drones can be applied, why not let Bird Media take your next project to NEW HEIGHTS?

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*As required by law, our pilots have a Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command Certificate with a UAS Rating.

High-quality Photogrammetry


We can create 3D models, digital elevation models (DEMs), and orthomosaics.​Track erosion, new construction, irrigation changes, and more.

Our cloud-based imaging software is powerful enough for the biggest challenges and simple enough for any project. Whether you want to map one building, a dozen cell towers, a whole oil field, or even an entire city, we have the right tools for the job.


By combining drones with our software, you can save time, increase efficiency, and avoid costly budget overruns. Soon after implementing drones in day-to-day operations, clients can expect the benefits of:

  • Greater quality control

  • Stronger site documentation

  • Increased communication between teams

  • Improved site safety


4K Ultra HD to 5.4K drone footage filmed and edited to your specifications. Starting at $60/hr. 

Need a custom project? Get in touch with us and we'll find a solution that fits your needs and budget!

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